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... any news on the project and updates?

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Hi W4AFK, thanks for asking. We have few updates, yes: the up-to-date version of the new DB is almost ready (no big news, because it's a scheduled update and only 7 new signals will be introduced). We are also working on a new version that will allow the user to add personal signals on a customized DB along with the sigidwiki one. You'll then be able to use the same filters to search a particular signal. This could be useful not only to store the canonical info we report per signal but also to include multiple spectra/documents and/or notes. It'll act as a personal archive. Then we have in mind to do some other technical improvement, for example, give a json format to the nowadays obsolete csv. Then we have also a's related to Poseidon (those who remember it knows what I'm talking about 😉 )

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