How Artemis works?
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How Artemis works?

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I've a signal to analyze (on Mac platform).
How can I do?

Grazie mille


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Even though I don't know the answer to the question But I hope you get an answer soon. 😊

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Ciao Carlo, first of all, sorry for the late reply. Artemis, in the end, is a big archive of several parameters per signal and some advanced filtering functions. If you have a totally unknown signal try to collect as much information as you can. For example, just with the basic ones (frequency, bandwidth), you'll be able to discriminate from hundreds of possible signals to a few dozen and, with some luck, thanks to the waterfall and the audio samples you'll be able to refine your search till the full recognition (assuming the signal you are looking for is in the archive). Let me know if I can help you or if you have other doubts and I'll try to reply to you as soon as I can!