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[Closed] Artemis crashes if no internet connection when starting or when checking for updates  


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14/05/2020 5:10 am  


I've noticed that if I start artemis when the computer is offline, or if I start online then check for software updates while offline, the program crashes. I can check for database updates while offline, it just reports that there is no internet connection.


I'm using version 3.2.1 on windows 10 pro. If I start the program and the computer is connected to the internet, it works fine, but if I'm offline, it crashes.


from the application event log:

error message:

faulting application name: artemis.exe, version

faulting module name: qt5core.dll, version

exception code: 0xc0000409

fault offset: 0x0000000000028838

let me know if you want more than that




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14/05/2020 1:30 pm  

Thanks Andrew for the detailed report. I've added an official issue on GitHub ( ). I'll keep you updated

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19/05/2020 5:08 pm  

The problem has been solved