Artemis crash repro...

Artemis crash reproducing Milstar audio file  


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01/11/2018 8:01 pm  

Artemis crashes reproducing Milstar audio file.

I'm using the version 2.1, any solutions?

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01/11/2018 8:32 pm  

Hi Ramson, thanks for the notification! The problem is probably due to the inconsistency of the audio sample format. We are aware of this issue and the problem has been solved for the upcoming version of Artemis. In the new DB (available for Artemis 3), waterfalls and audio samples are converted during the parsing to .png and .ogg format, respectively. For now, the quicker solution is to use the sigidwiki page from Artemis 2 or directly from HERE. I am sorry about that but stay tuned for Artemis 3 (you will receive an e-mail when it's ready)!!!

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